We offer a 24/7 Emergency call-out, please call 03450 170 732

We offer a 24/7 Emergency call-out, click to call


  • How do we gain a quote? Once you have contacted us either by phone or e-mail we will arrange a suitable time to meet with you on site and we can discuss the works and offer advice. We will then send you a written quote to your e-mail or by post and await for you to contact us if you wish to proceed or have any queries.
  • Are you insured ? Yes, we have £10 million public liability, £10 million employers liability insurance and £100,000 indemnity insurance
  • What do you do with the waste ? We have a waste carriers licence, the waste goes to our yard and is processed into firewood logs and the wood chips go to biomass stations for electricity production. All suitable timber is processed to be used as firewood or can be left on site at the clients request.
  • How do we pay you ? Bank transfers or card payment on completion of works, We do not ask for any payment before the work is complete.
  • How many people will there be ? Depending on the size/nature of the job we always work as a minimum of x2 men to comply with health & safety regulations.
  • What time do you normally start ? We always arrange an approximate start time with the client prior to arrival but generally like to start at around 08:00
  • What access do you need ? Access can be ascertained during an initial site visit and will depend upon what operations are to be carried out, We have a wide range of vehicles allowing us to gain access on and off road and in the smallest of spaces.
  • Do I need permission? If your tree is protected by a tree preservation order (TPO) or in a conservation area you will always need permission however, there are some exemptions to this rule i.e. if the tree is dead, dying or dangerous.
  • How do I know if I need permission? If you are unsure Elite Arborists can enquire for you with the local council after an initial site visit. Any necessary applications will be completed and followed up by ourselves.
  • Can I cut back my neighbours tree? You can cut back overhanging trees to your boundary, each case is different and would need to be assessed, access may need to be gained to your neighbours trees.
  • Can my tree cause subsidence? Yes trees can cause subsidence, every tree will vary due to its location and soil in which is growing on.
  • How much does it cost? Every job will be different, here at Elite Arborists we have machinery which help us be as efficient as possible meaning we can do your tree quickly and easily costing you less.
  • How far do you travel? We are happy to travel anywhere in kent and surrounding areas. Often contractors will send us across the country to do works.