Tree Felling Canterbury

Tree felling is a highly skilled operation that requires a lot of a experience and skill. There are many factors to consider when carrying our tree felling as even the smallest mistake can have costly repercussions. Depending on the positioning, size and shape of the tree you require to be cut down you will either need a sectional tree felling service or a straight tree felling service.

If you opt for sectional tree felling, to fell, section and lower down the tree you need cutting down, our expert tree fellers will use the very latest equipment and techniques to ensure that no damage comes to your property or surrounding areas.

Where as if you opt for straight tree felling, our specialists will simply cut your tree straight from the base and allow the tree to fall in a controlled direction. With straight tree felling, plenty of space is required with larger trees and so is often carried out in forests, properties with large gardens and commercial properties, however, with smaller trees it can easily be carried out safely in most gardens and properties.

So if you are in Canterbury and you are in need of professional tree felling company click here to receive a quick quote, or call us now on 01227 494 188 to find out more about the services we have to offer.